Crime Issues

Crime drains our economy. Each year we see dollars go to fight crime and its related affects. High crime rates have a devastating backlash on local communities.

Dorothy Sue Hill authored (HB 171) and passed the law(Act 362) that allowed probation officers and law enforcement to strictly monitor child molesters. The law allowed “in parish” law enforcement to secure immediately without a warrant a convicted child molesters computer upon the convicted felons subsequent criminal activity. This solved the problem of convicted child molesters having time to trash their computers while law enforcement obtained a warrant.  Dorothy Sue’s legislature has been studied and utilized in other states since inception.

Dorothy Sue Hill proposed legislation (HB 82) that limits the sale and purchase of dextromethorphan – the product used in “Meth” production. This proposed legislation was urged and supported by law enforcement agencies in Beauregard, Allen and Calcasieu parish.

Dorothy Sue Hill authored and passed legislation regarding identity theft in Louisiana.  HB 137 created the crime of unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution or possession of fraudulent documents for identification purposes. La. R.S. 14:70.7