‘Top of the Class” at LFT’s Convention

An invitation to be honored as ”Top of the Class” at LFT’s Convention

Dear Representative Hill,

After a hard-fought session at the Capitol, a few of our Senators and Representatives stand out as public education all stars. Your tireless efforts to undo some of the harmful teacher-blaming, school-robbing “reforms” of the 2012 and 2013 sessions, your commitment to providing a dignified retirement for educators that dedicate their lives to the children of om· state, and your resolve to allow public employees to spend their hard earned paychecks however they sec fit, did not go mmoticed. Your hard work has renewed our optimism for the future, and inspired us to keep fighting for all that is right
for public education, for our students, and for our commtmities.

For that reason, it is our pleasure to invite you to be honored as the “Top of the Class” – along with several of your colleagues – at our 50th Annual Convention hosted by the United Teachers ofNew Orleans.