A personal message from me to you.

Good people of Louisiana and House District 32,

Are you sick of all the attack mail polluting your mailbox?  Are you nauseated by one more robo call spreading lies that are so ridiculous and insulting to your intelligence? So am I, especially when the lies are all that someone has at their disposal to deceive you into voting for them.personal message

Let’s try some truth instead.

For eight years, I have answered every call, responded to every mail and attended meetings requested of me in service to the people of District 32. It’s what you elected me to do and I have done it with pride. I have fought for and attained funding for our capital improvements, roads and infrastructure.

My opponent and his backers embarked on a smear campaign sending out “mailers” stating that I voted for millions in taxes. These are LIES. Check my voting record and you will see that the ONLY tax I have voted for is the cigarette tax in order to provide funding for healthcare. This saved you the taxpayer money. The distorted truth by my opponent’s pundits is deceptive and untrue..

I have taken on corporate welfare that sought to divert money from our schools and destroy higher education. I stood up and fought for LSU, McNeese, SOWELA and other higher education institutions when special interest groups sought to divert funds which threatened closure.

I’ve stood up for our elderly, many of whom are at risk of going hungry every day right in your community, while we as a state spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on prison inmates.

I’ve fought the insanity in our budgeting process that shreds healthcare and higher education as the only areas that can be cut while preserving special interest perks that if you knew about them would make you furious. Now these special interest groups are attacking me.

I have stood against the special interests who have taken millions of taxpayer dollars to fund their pet projects!  In fact taking on these issues is why I get attacked so often with baseless smear campaigns.

When a political opponent runs a dirty campaign it tells the voters one thing………they don’t have the qualifications to do the job!

But the people of District 32 are smarter than that.  I know you and you know me and together, we have worked hard to put Louisiana First.

On October 24, you can fall victim to desperate lies or you can stand with me as we continue to fight for the issues that matter to us as hard working people of Louisiana.

I ask for your support and your vote.

May God bless you and your family, especially in these difficult and challenging times.

Your Representative,

Dorothy Sue Hill