” Beware of Push Polls “

My opponent and his backers have hired persons to do push polling on me. Push polls are known as the Most Negative and deceptive form of politicking.  The caller states that I supported something like gun control ( which is a lie) or  Obama care( another lie) in their questions and then ask if knowing these facts ( which are lies) would you be less likely to vote for Rep. Hill. If you get a call from one of these push pollers please try and get the number and contact me. The form of push polling these people are doing on me is considered illegal in several jurisdictions.

-Dorothy Sue Hill

What people are saying

A personal message from me to you.

personal message

Good people of Louisiana and House District 32,

Are you sick of all the attack mail polluting your mailbox?  Are you nauseated by one more robo call spreading lies that are so ridiculous and insulting to your intelligence? So am I, especially when the lies are all that someone has at their disposal to deceive you into voting for them.

Let’s try some truth instead.


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